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Sanders Animal Hospital

Exceptional care for exceptional people and their pets

At Sanders Animal Hospital, our team of veterinary care-givers understand how much you love your pet. Dr. Sanders has provided quality veterinary care to the Tri-Cities area since 1993.   After 25+ years in small animal and emergency medicine, Dr. Sanders understands that each pet is unique.  He strives to provide care for the pet in the context of the whole family.


SAH Happenings!

Warmer weather comes with bugs.  We can help ensure the fleas and ticks and internal parasites stay away from your pets!

Check out our preventives page for prices.  :)

We have an immediate opening for a Customer Service Specialist.  Look under Careers for an application!  


Hours of Operation

Stop by any time for a weight check or a treat!

Monday:  8:30-5:30
Tuesday:  8:30-5:30
Wednesday:  8:30-5:30
Thursday:  8:30-5:30
Friday:  8:30-5:30
Saturday:  Closed
Sun: Closed

Services We Provide

Young pets, old pets, barn cats, show dogs, lap cats, hunting dogs, walking buddies...


Pet Wellness Exams

Proactive and Positive

From the moment a new pet enters your home, you want to make sure they are healthy and at their best.  Annual wellness exams, preventive vaccinations, flea and tick control, and oral health exams help ensure your four-legged family member is in great shape.  Abnormal trends can be identified and treated early with regular veterinary visits.

Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

Knowing the pet inside and out

We see what our pets eat, whether they're energetic or laid back, if their coat is shiny or rough.  Alterations in these characteristics can be an indication that what's going on inside may have changed.  We recommend that young pets have a blood chemistry panel, complete blood count, and urinalysis run as a baseline.  These tests can be repeated periodically, especially as they enter the senior years, to track what's going on inside that is hard to detect on the outside.

Veterinarian with Dog

Emergency Care Services

Airport Pet Emergency Clinic

We refer our patients to the Airport Pet Emergency Clinic after hours for circumstances that won't wait until morning.


Sharing resources

Dr. Sanders gets to know each pet and their family and wants to provide the best information and options for each circumstance.  When the need is there, referrals are easily made to local providers for advanced orthopedic care, ultrasound, behavior consultations, etc.  The specialists at the University of Tennessee or Virginia Tech are only a short drive away.  South Asheville Veterinary Emergency & Specialty in Asheville, NC and Animal Emergency & Specialty Center in Knoxville, TN also provide quality care in a timely manner for our patients that need extra attention.


Contact Us

1614 Boones Creek Rd Jonesborough TN United States 37659

(423) 788-0194

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